Welcome To Revival !

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Our goal is to not only get you moving and pain free but give you the tools to be healthy on your own without reliance on therapy. Get started with 3 easy steps.

Your appointment will be booked as an Initial Athletic Therapy Assessment. If under a MVA claim, place your claim number with the reason for your visit.

To book your Initial Assessment pick one of the following:

Book online

Call us @ 403-945-1530

Email us @

A copy of our intake form will be sent to you after booking. This form can be completed on most devices including computer, tablet and mobile device. 

If you are unable to fill out this form online, please contact us and we will arrange to complete this form before your appointment


If your appointment is part of an active MVA claim, we will require the following:

Claim number

Contact information from your adjuster

Completed AB1 if you have not already submitted one to your insurance. Download a copy from our forms page here

Get excited! You have completed the first steps on your journey to a pain free active lifestyle. 

In order to make the most out of your appointment, click on the resources below and follow us on Instagram for free content to keep you healthy long term.

We are so excited to create a plan with you to get you back to the activities you love. 

Have More Questions?

We want you to feel comfortable with visiting us. You can view our Frequently Asked Questions or reach out to us here.