What If A Solution To
Your Pain Is Possible?

Revival is a Pain Therapy & Injury Clinic in Airdrie

We provide hands on treatment and corrective exercises designed to provide a long term resolution for your pain. Our evidence based techniques address the cause(s) of your pain and provide you with the tools to be healthy on your own.


We Challenge The Common Belief That Pain Is:

🚫A normal process of aging

🚫Only because of your weight

🚫Something you have to learn to live with

🚫Only going to be managed with ongoing treatment or medication

We Believe:

✅ There is a reason(s) for why the body gives a pain signal and it is not age

✅ You can improve your movement and quality of life regardless of your starting point

✅ Everyone deserves the opportunity to understand their pain

✅ With the proper plan, you will be empowered to take control of your health

We Are a Pain & Injury Clinic With:

Undivided Attention

Most of our clients are happily surprised that we stay with them during their full appointment. At Revival, your appointment time is dedicated to you. That means we are with you for your entire appointment and are there for you to ask questions.

A Hands On Approach

Our treatment style speaks to our approach to rehabilitation in general, hands on. During your appointment we are constantly assessing and treating, which often requires a hands on approach.

A Long Term Solution

Pain relief is a good first step to feeling better but this should not be where all resources stop. The goal of treatment at Revival is for you to eventually be pain free on your own and not need us. That being said it is totally ok for you to come by just to say hello!

Effective Treatment

The majority of clients report a reduction in pain within 1-2 visits with a noticeable  decrease in symptoms within 4-5 visits. Using evidence based treatment techniques, our therapists will address the root causes, eliminating the need for dependancy on your therapist long term.

You Deserve To:
Understand Your Pain
Have a Plan To Become
Not Feel Reliant on Anything or Anyone
Get Back To Yourself


We are more than an pain and injury clinic. By joining the Revival Community you can expect a well rounded, team approach to your recovery. Our one on one appointments offer a program tailored specifically with your goals in mind. Our expertise far surpasses the time we spend in person with you at your appointment. Our expansive resources made available to you will allow you to combat your injury and pain from all angles. Choose today as the day you start taking care of yourself and taking back control of your life.

Revival Airdrie pain Therapy treatment relief


At Revival Therapeutics & Performance, our mission is to provide the tools, education and therapy that empowers individuals to take control of their health, regardless of their age or activity level. By taking the most up to date, research based techniques and combining them with a passionate and caring team, we provide a well rounded treatment approach that enables individuals to live a pain free life.


"...I feel very safe coming to revival knowing that my personal health is not in jeopardy while I am getting the best treatment for my body. I recommend anyone who is dealing with any sort of pain to contact Revival Therapeutics & Performance." -Shanti C


At Revival we strongly believe in a team effort to get you back to the life you want. We are committed to help you achieve your goals whether you are a desk worker, weekend warrior, industrial athlete or elite level athlete. Our therapists have an extensive background in  optimizing movement, solving pain and eliminating dysfunctions of the body. We specialize in complex chronic injuries that warrant specifically tailored manual therapy as well as a detailed home program.   By working together, we will achieve the results that line up with the goals you have laid out.





THE techniques we use

Craniosacral Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization IASTM

Visceral Manipulation