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"Get Back To Yourself!!! ..."

Get Back to Yourself! I was dealing with severe lower back and left side pain. This pain made me have several sleepless nights and lots of uncomfortable days. I was unable to participate in sports that I enjoyed and when I did I was on the couch for days after. After receiving treatments from Carly I can say my pain has dissipated and I am able to be active again. The friendly service makes for a comfortable environment where you can receive the treatment you need. I highly recommend this place for people looking to get back to being themselves again.


-Alex H

"Changed and influenced the way I care for myself"

After struggling with chronic back pain for years, what a relief it was to find Revival Therapeutics and therapists who take a holistic approach to body mechanics and movement.

Not only have they helped me increase mobility, flexibility and wellbeing, but have enriched me with an abundance of knowledge that has changed and influenced the way I care for myself.


Max K

Ally has been an integral part of getting rid of my back pain. Starting with an initial assessment, then moving on to teaching me how to stretch, strengthen and move properly. She’s also found the underlying problem(s) to my pain issues and why they come back. Work in progress…
The complete hour is spent with working with me. No band-aid fixes are given. Ally is incredibly knowledgeable and professional.
Thanks very much!

- Norman M

What can I say? These ladies are the BEST! Especially Brodie. I started seeing her a couple of months ago when I injured my lower back at the gym. I have had lower back issues for as long as I can Remember. It’s always come and gone, but after this latest injury, I said enough is enough. Enter Revival Therapeutics!


After several weeks of Brodie’s professional and effective 1-on-1 approach, I can now say I am well on my way to becoming PAIN FREE. I can feel strength in my lower back where before there was weakness and pain. She got me back in the gym only after a couple of months and I can honestly say I have never felt better.

Would recommend Revival 100 times over if I could. 5/5!

-Evan L

Went to Revival for Athletic Therapy, and have been seeing Ally for treatment. They have strict covid protocols with temperature check and hand sanitizer made available, I feel really safe going into the clinic. Ally was amazing she was able to tell me exactly what cause my lower back and shoulder pain, she also comes up with different treatments and easy to do exercise to help me feel better and get better. The Revival team are all very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this place to everyone!***

-Rick L

Highly recommend this covid free amazing healing facility. Ally and the girls truly know what they’re doing!
For your own sake and sanity, pay them a visit, you will Not be disappointed. I am a walking testimonial, went in with a pinched nerve in my neck,unable to sleep,and within two or three treatments,sleeping like a champ!!Do yourself a favour you deserve the best!!

-Jamie P

Highly Recommend…….
Brodie has a great ability to properly assess new and old injuries. Counting back 15+ years with back and neck related problems, Brodie has provided me with a No Pain All Gain treatment in a clean and safe facility.
Much appreciated!

-Jason D

Brodie has been so helpful in figuring out what was going on with my lower back. I received a full hour of hands on work and exercises every visit, and also take home exercises to keep up with what Brodie was working on each time. I would recommend athletic therapy to anyone who has aches and pains and are tired of dealing with it in their daily lives. Very clean and simplistic design inside Revival Therapeutic & Performance. I highly recommend everyone going to see this female owned business.

-Kylee PM



I have been working with Brodie to repair a knee injury that left me barely able to climb a flight of stairs. I had to give up all the sports I love, especially hiking. Fast forward to September. With Brodie’s acute care and expertise, I was able to get back on the trail, and even managed a goal to complete a hard-rated hike! Athletic therapy is so much more than physiotherapy. It’s a hands-on approach and understanding how all of our body is connected. To fix a knee may require hip, quad and back work, not something that was ever suggested before. I can’t say enough good things about Brodie’s skill and her ability to achieve incredible results in such a short period of time. I highly recommend Brodie and the team at Revival! Thanks for all you do!!


-Jennifer R

I started working with Ally Lo in December 2019 to fix my left knee and muscular imbalances, fast forward over a year later and i am a rejuvenated athlete.
All I had to do was listen and follow her instruction. Thanks Ms. Lo

- Muyiwa T

Being older I just thought you had to live with pain. That being said our family convinced my wife and me to go to Revival. Within a couple of visits Brodie was able to relieve my knee pain and leg cramps. She also gave me exercises to alleviate the problem long term. She was also able to help me with scar tissue from a recent surgery as well as using Craniosacral Therapy to reduce the effects from Tinnitus.
My wife has been living with chronic pain for years. Within 4 treatments Brodie was able to provide relief through athletic therapy techniques. My wife now has reduced pain and is enjoying more movement and a greater quality of life. Brodie has also assisted with Lymphedema issues that have plagued her since surgery.
We would highly recommend visiting Brodie at Revival to see how she can help you live a life that is enjoyable.

- Dave R



Carly has changed my life. I spent 20 years trying to get help and she is the first person who has been able to help me with my chronic headaches. She really listens to me and you can tell she is truly passionate about her clients. I can’t recommend her enough!


- Kathy G


"Gave me a long-term plan"

I’ve been seeing Carly for a few months now. Started going for some shoulder pain and Carly got to the root of the problem and gave me a long-term plan to fix weaknesses and address movement issues. Awesome experience here.

Sam T

It is very hard to find the best words to describe how tremendously impactful Carly has been in my day to day life for close to 2 yrs now!
I was a 52 yr old female who had been suffering with chronic shoulder pain for several yrs. After ultra sound and x-ray, I was told by a physician that I had osteoarthritis in the joint and tendonitis in all 4 rotator cuff and the recommended tx: cortisone injections, which I wasn’t too keen on. So, I began a very frustrating and emotional journey with physio, chiropractor, active release, acupuncture and massage and sadly my shoulder continued to get worse instead of better.
And then I met Carly and she introduced to the miraculous discipline of Athletic Therapy! Honestly from the very first session I was very optimistic and encouraged! My journey with Carly has been extremely positive and enlightening to say the least. Her confidence and knowledge regarding the human body and how each system works together as a whole is truly fascinating and impressive. I continue to be amazed at how quickly and efficiently Carly puts signs and symptoms together to really get to the root of WHY I am experiencing discomfort or pain not only in my shoulder but anywhere in my body. Everything that we have discovered along the way from fluid retention to TMJ, Carly connects the dots and fixes the spots!!
Life Changing!! I Highly recommend Carly and Athletic Therapy!

-Leanne T



I was introduced to athletic therapy a few years ago after a foot injury. I had been to a foot specialist, physio, massage, tried various medications/topical analgesic creams and nothing was helping with my pain and loss of function. After a few treatments with Carly my pain was significantly reduced and I was able to move my foot better and walk without significant pain. The hands on experience and manipulation used in athletic therapy techniques has helped to keep my body moving and functioning at its best and each treatment is geared towards your specific concerns, injury/pain. I have osteoarthritis and keeping moving is so important. I leave my appointments feeling like my body is moving better, in less pain along with a toolkit of stretches and movements I can do on my own. This helps me feel like I have some control over managing my pain. I can’t say enough about how positive my experience has been with athletic therapy and would highly recommend visiting Revival to see how athetic therapy can help you reach your goals.


-Lori M


"Pin Points My Most Sore Areas & Does Her Magic! "

You know this is a great place with great Athletic Therapists when your excited to go to your appointment! With many nagging injuries from years of wear and tear on the body I have found an awesome Althetic Therapist in Ally Lo who pin points my most sore areas and does her magic! Staying with you for the entire 1 hour session is what they do! Ally and her team are amazing and nothing but HIGH praise from me! I live in Chestermere and make the drive to Airdrie because I know I’m getting the treatment I need!
I would definitely rate Revival Therapeutic and Performance a 5 out of 5 stars!

-Lindsay J

"Taken This Body & Managed To Make It Work Again..."

Carly is the most amazing talented person I have ever had the opportunity to be treated by. She has taken this body and managed to make it work again, correctly, without pain. She has ended chronic knee collapsing, cured plantar fasciitis, ended neck, back and shoulder stiffness. I absolutely cannot say enough good things about her and her talent.

-Jamie M

Due to my labor intensive job and frequent physical activity, I developed issues with my back, shoulders, legs, and arms. After the initial assessment I had with Carly, she was able to diagnosis where the root issues were and provide solutions going forward including preventative measures. Unlike other disciplines of physical health wellness, all practitioners at Revival will work with you for the full hour. Throughout the hour, Carly explains why she is targeting a specific area, how the pain is related to that area, and what can be done going forward. The space itself is brand new and modern. Revival has a great system in place to ensure all safety measures are met during times of social distancing and limiting contact with others. I feel very safe coming to revival knowing that my personal health is not in jeopardy while I am getting the best treatment for my body. I recommend anyone who is dealing with any sort of pain to contact Revival Therapeutics & Performance.

-Shanti C

As a lifelong mixed martial arts fighter, baggage handler for an airline, long distance runner, and personal trainer, I can assure you, my body has been through the dishwasher. Hahaha. Most recently, I tore a pec muscle while bench pressing requiring a major surgery and nine months of rehab.

I’ve been going to see Ally for over two years. She’s helped me with EVERYTHING, from my immobile hips, to bad shoulders, to everyday aches and pains that come from my hobbies and work. Her understanding of anatomy makes me feel like quite the amateur as a personal trainer.

She’s incredibly kind, takes such pride in her job, works incredibly hard, and I think extremely highly of her. As a nutrition and fitness business operator, I put my own name on the line whenever I recommend someone for a service.

I HIGHLY recommend going to see Ally. As opposed to many physiotherapy clinics where a practitioner works on you for 10 minutes, gives you a list of exercises, and sends you on your way, Ally works with you for the whole hour. The value is true.
Thank you for your continued work!

-Harrison Health Coaching

The team of athletic therapists at Revival are amazing. Super knowledgeable and masters at their craft.

They have done for me what doctors have told me couldn’t be done!
Doctors told me my pain was here to stay and nothing could be done without surgery.
They have proved otherwise!

No surgery and the team at Revival has taken my 10 out of 10 pain down to almost 0!!
Pretty incredible considering what doctors
told me 🤷🏻‍♂️

I can’t thank them enough 🤗

-Jason C

Due to work in a labour intensive job, my body began to break down because oftof repetition of the job and previous injuries…I searched extensively for an avenue of relief and found Revival Therapeutic in Airdrie.. I went in and saw Ally and within the hour, she had diagnosed my pain and fixed the main source of it… I limped in that day and walked out an hour later without.pain.. I highly recommend Revival, and continue to see them regularly. If your body hurts…these are the ones you need.

-Yudi V



Ever since the Revival opened its doors I’ve been frequent client for one main reason, these girls not only walk the talk but the results are knowledgeable, skilled and incredible. Visited the place numerous times and the treatment is never the same which my body is benefiting immensely after each and every treatment.
I am a vigorous runner plus I do have a very physical job that is hard on my body and thanks to Revival , especially “Carly” that I can continually perform and be mobile in my life.

Huge thanks to team ABC
Ally , Brody & Carly 

-John K

I’d give them more stars if possible. Thank you Revival, you’re the best!

-Ryan K

Carly is extremely knowledgeable in her field. I have seen lots of specialists over the years (age 55) and none have compared to the skill and knowledge of Carly. She is the BEST BY FAR !!!!!!! Thank you Carly!

-Iain M

Strongly recommend. Through my ongoing treatment, Brodie has delivered high quality, professional care. Treatment has been effective and thorough, and she has tailored the home exercises to work with what equipment I have available. Clinic is clean and welcoming.

-Collin P

Today Carly was the typical Carly. The typical Carly: she seems to know what questions to ask. She listens very well. She always wants to make sure the you understand why she is doing what she is doing and why I should do what she is advising me to do. I am is thankful that she believes in the importance of each part of my body working properly and that she is very knowledgable. She consistently seems to be up on the latest research. I have come to trust there implicitly with any “quick” in my body. 

-Judy G

Amazing care! 5 out of 5 starts all day long!

-Jason C

Highly recommend this covid free amazing healing facility. Ally and the girls truly know what they’re doing!
For your own sake and sanity,pay them a visit, you will not be disappointed. I am a walking testimonial, went in with a pinched nerve in my neck,unable to sleep,and within two or three treatments,sleeping like a champ!!Do yourself a favour,you deserve the best!!

-Jamie P

Brodie is the best AT I’ve ever been to. 12/10 would recommend.

-Brandon P

Great place! I have been going since they opened and the quality of care is top notch. If your tired of normal physio give them a try, you won’t regret it!

-Nash E

I highly recommend Revival Therapeutics. They have an amazing facility, clean, new, modern and follows all the healthy and safety protocols for COVID-19. Ally and Brodie are the best Athletic Therapist, they’ve been helping me with my pain and that has improved a lot. I am happy to continue doing my adventure sports, thanks to them!

-Juliane F

I have been a client of Brodies for years and the impact session have made on my health is astronomical. I couldn’t be more thankful!

-Daniel O

Carly is the best! She is so committed to her craft and knows more than many other allied health professionals I’ve seen in the past. I recommend Carly to anyone who’s struggling with pain or other physical ailments

-Shawna T

Very relieving session today, came in with lower back, hip and feet discomfort and left with nicely and fully functional body. Thank you Revival &  Carly !

-John K

Went to Revival for Athletic Therapy, and have been seeing Ally for treatment. They have strict covid protocols with temperature check and hand sanitizer made available, I feel really safe going into the clinic. Ally was amazing she was able to tell me exactly what cause my lower back and shoulder pain, she also comes up with different treatments and easy to do exercise to help me feel better and get better. The Revival team are all very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this place to everyone!***

-Rick Lee

So happy to be able to be treated by Brodie again, if you are hurting or even have a nagging pain I highly recommend giving this place a chance to make you feel better!

-Jeff S

1st time back since reopening, as usual Carly is very thorough in all aspects of helping me ease the pain and ensuring that I am getting the best help.

-Paul L

I have been treated by Ally and Brodie from Revival Therapeutics and they have been amazing in taking care of injuries related to running and Crossfit. The facility is top notch and I’ll continue to see them.

-Mauricio E

Carly is always so thorough with me and my visit I come away feeling like I’ve been cared for.

-Sherry L

Ally knows what she does. She’s amazing!!

-Wing W

As always, friendly atmosphere and incredible results at the session, feeling fantastic again, thank you!

-John K

Carly is always very professional and unpretentious. She is extremely good at explaining what she is doing and why. Thank you for your amazing ability to help those of us in pain to heal.

-Jen P

Ally is very good at both understanding the muscles under her hands and reading people’s pain tolerance. She is very proficient and effective.

-Sharon R

Always attentive to what I am feeling and very good at making sense of it all.

-Andi B

As always Carly fixed me! Always give me information about each body part and the science behind it.

-Jennelle P

Always the best treatment possible following the amazing results, thanks very much.

-John K

Excellent communicator. Friendly, smart. On the road to recovery!!

-Kelly N



Revival Therapeutics offers nothing but excellent and professional services!

I spent years seeing other health professionals about my knee pain and no one could help me let alone diagnose me. Then I met Brodie co-owner at Revival, she helped me to tackle my pain in a matter of months. She knew what was wrong with me and helped me fix it!

In a few short appointments she was able to explain to me why I was suffering and she helped me to get back onto my feet doing the sports and activities I love . I was able to snowboard, hike, and camp again! I am so thankful for her and all the lovely ladies and Revival for changing my life and literally getting me back on my feet!

Highly recommend paying them a visit to any one suffering from pain or injuries, it’s well worth your time and energy.

-Katelyn D

Carly is the BEST athletic therapist! She will be able to help you overcome your injuries and provide tips and suggestions to improve your performance! As well, she shares her infinite wisdom on anatomy of human body and whatever is trending in the world of manual therapy and you will always learn a thing or two every session! Her manual therapy is 👌! Definitely recommend booking an appointment with her even if you don’t have any injuries and is looking to improve your performance and daily life!

-Curtis K

The Revival team had truly been amazing! Ally Lo has helped myself and mother through some severe pain and we could not be more grateful for her. Ally Lo is an exceptional Athletic Therapist and will always be highly recommended in my books. Without Ally’s help I don’t know if my mother or myself would have ever found relief. Highly recommend the Revival team and Ally Lo.

-Savannah C