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Tips and actions you can take to help encourage a faster recovery and more enjoyable rehabilitation experience.

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When deciding on where you want to go for your injury you are often faced with a lot of options. Your decision to go see someone for therapy often takes much thought and consideration. You want to know the place you choose can help you and that you can make the most out of your time and money there. You may start with questions like:



Even after getting the answers to a lot of your questions, you still might feel like you are not in control of your progress. Part of this is because you have likely been told that someone else has to fix you. That is not true. To be active and pain free longterm you need to decide that is what you want. To get there you need to be actively involved in your recovery

Fortunately, our team at Revival will provide you with the tools to be successful on your own. Below are a few simple actions you can take to make the most out of your appointments and gain control of your health.


Our therapists are here to help. By sharing your injury and health history we can better understand how to plan your road to recovery. The more details you provide the easier it is to pinpoint what is contributing to your pain and causing your limitations. Check out the tips below and click to expand for more detial.

Change is often uncomfortable but is needed to grow. By being willing to change you will open yourself to a quicker recovery and to long term health.

Our experts have extensive education and are here to help. Being open to their recommendations opens up the opportunity to heal and make choices that will improve your life.

One of the benefits of our appointments is that our therapists are with you for the entire duration. This allows a lot of time for questions, big or small. It is important to understand all components of your rehabilitation and what your choices are during every step of the way.

 At Revival, we always want to know your therapy and health goals. However, it is also important to write down your goals. Not only to motivate you to improve but to also help track your progress.

Although homework may never seem like something you would willingly sign up for, your exercises are very important. Exercise and movement is one of the most researched topics in health and is shown to be more effective than a lot of other forms of treatment. If you are looking for a way to get better faster, make sure you are not only doing your exercises but making sure you understand what you should be feeling with each of them.

There is no quick fix for your health or your injury. Expecting your pain to disappear overnight will only make you frustrated and damper your motivation. Check out our blog on how long it will take to recover to get insights on what expectations are realistic for recovery.

Just because doing a certain exercise feels like it helps doesn’t mean doing 2, 3, 10 times the amount is going to make you heal faster. There is a reason your therapist prescribed the number of times you complete the exercise. If you increase the amount you perform you can actually delay your recovery. Talk to your therapist if you feel like your exercises are too easy, they are there to help

Unfortunately, no recovery is linear. Everyone has highs and lows during their healing journey and flare-ups are very common. Expect that it will happen and look for reasons why it might have occurred. Pushed yourself more than usual or tried an activity you are not used to? Your Revival therapist will go through the reasons why you will have a flare-up and how to adjust when they occur.

In the beginning it is understandable to want to rely on your therapist and the treatment they provide. However, one goal should always be self-driven, longterm health. This is one of the reasons why our therapists spend the time to make sure you understand how to help yourself.

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Above all, the most important tip is to communicate with your therapist. If you feel lost or that you are not progressing as fast as you think you should, talk to them about it. If you are frustrated with your recovery your energy is going towards exactly that, being frustrated. In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

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