Frustrated With Neck Pain ?

Among adults, 20% to 70% will experience neck pain that interferes with their daily activities during their lifetime.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Stiffness or discomfort in your neck?
  • Difficulty trying to shoulder check?
  • Increase tension in neck when you’re stressed?
  • Limited movement in your neck?
  • Can’t find the perfect pillow?

Do You Experience Any of These Symptoms ?

  • Shooting pain or tingling into your arms?
  • Hands feeling cold?
  • Sharp pain when moving your neck
  • Ache or throbbing pain
  • Spasms or cramping going into certain positions

What Kind Of Treatment Do I Need?

 Neck pain is complex. There is no one type of therapy that cures all.

 Most of our clients that had neck pain needed a combination of hands on treatment and a home program for both the spine and the jaw. That being said, preventing neck pain often comes down to why the body decided it needed to protect this area in the first place. This is where client education and support from our Revival team makes a clear path to solution for your neck pain.

General Advice

Keep moving! Often when we feel stiffness in our neck we try to baby our neck and try not moving it at all. Not only can this increase stiffness further but it can also trick our brains into thinking we have less pain free range of motion than we actually do. It is safe to do small circles with your head and slow movements opening and closing your jaw in PAIN FREE RANGES to help increase your range and remind your brain these motions are okay. 


No!  It is common but not normal. No pain is “normal”.

Pain is a way for your body to send you a warning signal that something is wrong. The body is also good at compensating so it is likely that if you are feeling pain that there have been underlying issues leading up to the point that your body is finally warning you about it. 

Stiffness is often an earlier predictor that your body is trying to protect you and usually appears before pain.

No! If you are holding correct postures, you are able to fire and use your core properly and you have a general understanding of common causes of low back pain, you have the potential to go through life without experiencing low back pai at all!

Change of sensation in limbs can be coming from various issues but often we find issues in the upper spine, tightness and in neck and jaw and posture issues can be causing this numbness and tingling all the way down to your fingers. These issues can be assessed by your therapist and treated to help reduce and eliminate this uncomfortable feeling. 

A good rule of thumb is to feel the area you wish to treat and see if you feel heat coming off this area compared to other surrounding areas. If there is already heat in that area you should be icing for 20 minutes on, 60 minutes off. If there doesn’t seem to be any heat you are likely okay to choose between heat or ice, whichever you find more helpful.

You shouldn’t. Although imaging can provide important insights, it often does not show the whole story. Research about the nervous system and its direct connection with our bones/joints has provided promising insights on how to overcome pain that was once considered untouchable like arthritis. For more information about a specific technique for arthritis pain check out our page on RAPID Neurofascial reset