Clients come to us for INFLAMMATION & DIGESTION BALANCING when they have experienced:

  • consistent fatigue & brain fog 
  • issues with cramping or bloating
  • declines in memory 
  • headaches & migraines
  • body aches in multiple areas
  • feelings of puffiness or swelling

Often new clients book in when they realize there must be something causing their symptoms despite being told their lab work is “normal” or that medication and food elimination are the only options.

If you are ready to have a better understanding of your body we are here to help!

Some common concerns addressed with INFLAMMATION & DIGESTION BALANCING include:

  • full body pain, soreness & tension
  • heartburn/acid reflux/GERD
  • constipation & diarrhea  
  • headaches, dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus
  • bloating & cramping
  • swelling  & puffiness
  • sinus congestion

Wanting More For Your Health? Try The

REVIVAL method!




Step 1: Get To Know & Understand You

✅ Thorough Intake Process

✅ One hour of undivided attention to discuss your pain & Injury history

✅ Identify your goals


Step 2: Assess The Causes of Your Pain

✅ Evaluate the Area(s) you are feeling discomfort or limitation

✅ Analyze Your Entire Body For Compensations and Contributing Factors That May Be Causing your Symptoms

✅ Determine Key Priorities To Eliminate Your Pain and Prevent It From Reoccurring

✅ Create a Plan To Correct The Factors Contributing to Your Pain

Step 3: Start Your Journey To Healthy Living

✅Discuss How Together You Will Achieve Your Goals and Reduce Reliance on Therapy

✅ Address Any and All Questions About Your Injury, Your Healing Plan and The Components Needed In Your Journey to Pain-Free

✅ Receive an Introduction Into Treatment and Recommendations For Self Treatment

INFLAMMATION & DIGESTION BALANCING  with Revival will help you: 

  • reduce and eliminate excessive inflammation
  • strengthen your mind body connection
  • understand triggers of inflammation 
  • create a healthy lifestyle 

    INFLAMMATION & DIGESTION BALANCING starts with an assessment. We recommend booking an Initial Assessment with our Chinese Medicine Doctor Dr. Sharon or  Athletic Therapist Carly. Regardless of who you see at Revival, you will be taken care of. We work as a team and will evaluate the factors contributing to your pain, provide hands on treatment and create a plan to get you feeling your best.   

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