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Revival Therapeutics & Performance is a pain and injury clinic dedicated to client education, empowerment and manual therapy. Our mission is to provide the tools, education and therapy that empowers individuals to take control of their health, regardless of their age or activity level. We help individuals in pain to understand their bodies, overcome their limitations and take control of their health. We believe you should not settle for mediocre treatment. By taking the most up to date, research based techniques and combining them with a passionate and caring team, we provide a well rounded treatment approach that enables individuals to live a pain free life.


A team of healthcare practitioners dedicated to providing the best care for individuals in pain. Revival is a team that understands the frustrations that come with being in pain and not finding answers. Unfortunately, accepting pain has become so common that it often gets mistaken as normal. Our drive for empowering and educating people in pain stems from knowing what it is like to feel like you have tried everything. Revival is determined to create a positive change in healthcare while showing people that pain is not normal. Each team member has an extensive knowledge of the human body, wide range of specialized professional training and a passion to always improve. At Revival we work as a team, utilizing our strengths to create an immersive and effective rehab experience. 


At Revival we help frustrated individuals that have lost hope in the healthcare system to not only take control of their pain but provide them with the tools and education to achieve long-term success with their health and wellness goals. Are you an individual that: 

  • wants to be more active but is currently limited by their body?
  • has tried other forms of treatment without success?
  • feels like something with their current recovery plan?
  • is recently injured and wants to have recover as quickly as possible?
  • wants to be healthier but is not sure where to start?

We are here to help!

We deliver unique and individualized assessments, treatments and rehabilitation programs tailored to YOU.

We are committed to help you achieve your goals whether you are a desk worker, weekend warrior, industrial athlete or elite level athlete. Our therapists have an extensive background in  optimizing movement, solving pain and eliminating dysfunctions of the body. Weather your pain is from an injury, repetitive strain, compensation or appeared to “come out of no where”, we are here to help!

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Revival Airdrie Team

Athletic THERAPY





Ally is a Certified Athletic Therapist who believes in being pain-free and having an active lifestyle should not be a luxury to anyone. She is passionate about bringing a positive clinic experience through genuine interactions, and strives to help people to get back to doing what they love through evidence-based treatment techniques and self-empowerment. Ally knows what her clients are looking for when they come into the clinic to seek treatment- it is not about chasing pain and being reactive to injury. Rather, it is about being able to understand, determine the root cause of the problem and deliver lasting results so you are in the driver seat of your road to recovery.  

In treatment with Ally, you will experience a combination of her honed techniques that she has studied over the years in her career surrounding muscle, fascia and the nervous system. She finds joy in working with motivated individuals who are ready to take recovery beyond just pain management, optimizing their body movement, strength and performance. No matter what your goals or cause of discomfort, Ally strives to make your time worthwhile by bringing an individualized approach of manual therapy, rehabilitation exercise, education and lifestyle together to improve overall wellness and quality of life.

When Ally is not at the clinic, you will find her working out at the gym or travelling to different countries around the world, enjoying the diversity of cultures and cuisines to fulfil her lifelong desire of an exploring wanderer. 

Athletic therapist, ally lo, therapist airdrie, fascial stretch therapist

Certified Athletic Therapist in Airdrie & Calgary

Certified Nutritionist- ISSA

Certified Bioflex Laser Technician- Meditech Inc.

Athletic therapy, athletic therapist, cata, Canadian athletic therapist association, alberta athletic therapist
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Andreea Tantu

Andreea brings a multi faceted work experience and knowledge to Revival. Her experience extends from cancer research in a laboratory setting to nutraceutical drug design and development to admin patient care in a medical clinic setting.

She has a Masters of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Calgary and is very passionate about health and wellness that extends from body to mind. 

Her health motto is the Latin phrase “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano” meaning a healthy mind in a healthy body. 

Andreea is very friendly and happy to help people. Her top priority at Revival is excellent client care and seeing happy people pleased with the overall Revival experience. 

If you have any questions regarding clinic services and procedures, fees, appointment availability and how the Revival team can help you achieve your health goals and pain management, feel free to contact her. 

When she is away from the clinic, Andreea is a very busy momma to her identical twin boys. She enjoys spending quality time with her husband Samuel, her family and friends. 

Her hobbies extend to reading as many books as she can, cooking healthy and delicious meals for her family and spending time in nature. 

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Clinic Experience Specialist



Brodie works with active individuals who are struggling to keep up their activity level due to a build up of injuries over time. If you have passed the point of keeping yourself healthy on your own and you are looking for a personalized treatment approach, you will find that with Brodie. 

Brodie also loves to teach so be prepared for lots of learning and explanation until you are an expert on your own injury and rehab plan. 

Brodie works with individuals who are open to seeing the body as a whole and will likely treat more than just the site of pain, after all, everything is connected. She will help you get to the root cause of your injury to make sure your body is primed for movement and to make sure your injury does not come back in the future. 

When Brodie is not in the clinic she is likely skiing in the mountains, camping and boating in the summertime or spending time with friends and family to cater to her outgoing and bubbly personality.

Brodie Lefaivre, athletic therapist, therapist airdrie

Certified Athletic Therapist in Airdrie

Certified Bioflex Laser Technician- Meditech Inc.

Certified Nutritionist- ISSA


Athletic therapy, athletic therapist, cata, Canadian athletic therapist association, alberta athletic therapist

Carly Kolesnik


Carly helps individuals who are tired of feeling they have no control of their pain. She believes you should not settle to live with restrictions, regardless of your age. 

In a world that is constantly demanding our attention, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Carly understands your symptoms can seem confusing and frustrating. Your busy life can not stop when you have pain. However, there is a big difference between managing to get by and having a plan on how to overcome your restrictions. She wants you to know how to help yourself.

Once you meet Carly you will know one thing for sure- she’s passionate. Her energy is contagious and this drives how she motivates others to demand more for their well-being. By understanding your body and how to help yourself, you will have the tools for long term health.

When Carly is not in the clinic she is likely taking another course, teaching her dog a new trick or trying to convince people she is funny. Fun fact, Carly also used to play college basketball. 

Carly kolesnik, certified athletic therapist, manual therapist airdrie

Certified Athletic Therapist in Airdrie & Calgary

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist CSCS

Certified Nutritionist- ISSA

Certified Bioflex Laser Technician- Meditech Inc.


Athletic therapy, athletic therapist, cata, Canadian athletic therapist association, alberta athletic therapist
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NSCA Certification Logedit



Dr. Noemi is a board certified, licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist in Calgary, Alberta.

She is a member of the Alberta Association of
Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medical
Doctors in Canada. Her practice has a special interest in Digestive Imbalances, Pain Resolution, Mental, and Emotional Health, Facial Acupuncture, Natural Skin Rejuvenation, Women’s Health, and Fertility.


Her treatments have the focal point in a holistic approach with Body, Mind, and Emotional connection; she’s always treating the root of any disharmony to achieve true healing and balance.

She received her double masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from Alberta College of Acupuncture, partner with Beijing University of TCM. After years of clinical practice, she experienced amazing results with her patients, witnessing the
body’s power, and ability to heal. She educates her patients on proper maintenance and lifestyle choices for a happier, longer life. Come visit the best Acupuncturist in the Airdrie
and Calgary area!

Dr. Noemi Carapia TCMD, R. Ac.
“Holistic care for vibrant living”

Noemi Carapia, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, Acupuncturist airdrie

Licensed Acupuncturist in Airdrie & Calgary CAAA

Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor R.Ac

Licensed Qigong Instructor

Certified Heat Sensitive Moxibustion Therapy

Certified skin Recovery Therapy & Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture

Reiki Master


Robyn Bagley


Robyn has a passion for sports and sports injuries. She likes to help athletes of all levels and abilities to get back to the activities they love. Part of that is helping you get healthy as soon as possible, and part of it is helping you to understand all of the facets that can help you decrease your risk for future injuries. Whether it is stretching or nutrition or sleep or balanced strength training, Robyn can help you to find the balance that works best for you.

Sessions with Robyn will include a lot of information to help you truly understand what is impacting your injury and what you can do to minimize risk and maximize your time doing what you love. Years of courses and certifications, continued learning and exploring and a passion for therapy will be available for you to access at your sessions. 

When Robyn is not at the clinic, you will find her teaching at Mount Royal University, enjoying time with her family (3 busy kids), reading and learning all she can about anything that interests her.


Certified Athletic Therapist in Airdrie & Calgary

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist CSCS

MRU Professor

Reiki Master


Athletic therapy, athletic therapist, cata, Canadian athletic therapist association, alberta athletic therapist
NSCA Certification Logedit

William Bienz

Caring | Goofy | Pizza Enthusiast

Bill is Registered Massage Therapist with a diverse background and skillset. His primary focus is therapeutic treatment for pain relief and restoration of biomechanical health, believing it is an essential component of physical, mental, and emotional health. He believes in a team approach to wellness, working with and recommending other disciplines as needed. His ultimate goal is to help get you in a better place and keep you there, long-term.

Part of achieving your rehab goals is understanding the root cause of your injury, the factors that have caused it, and how to prevent it going forward. Bill enjoys educating clients in all these areas and will make sure you understand your current and future needs.
Everyone coming to therapeutic treatment has their own needs. Some people are in severe pain. Some people might have anxiety. A person’s needs must be recognized and respected for any real progress to occur. Bill is experienced working with various needs and conditions, ranging from general pain and dysfunction to severe injury.  
When Bill isn’t in the clinic, he enjoys time with his wife and daughters. He enjoys gardening, writing, cooking, and general nerd-culture.
Wiliam, RMT armdrie, massage therapist Airdrie

Registered Massage Therapist in Airdrie & Calgary