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 Revival Therapeutics & Performance is a pain and injury clinic dedicated to client education, empowerment and manual therapy. We help individuals in pain to understand their bodies, overcome their limitations and take control of their health. At Revival, we believe you should not settle for mediocre treatment.


Who Are We ?

Revival is a team that understands the frustrations that come with being in pain and not finding answers. Unfortunately, accepting pain has become so common that it often gets mistaken as normal. Our drive for empowering and educating people in pain stems from knowing what it is like to feel like you have tried everything. Revival is determined to create a positive change in healthcare while showing people that pain is not normal. Each team member has an extensive knowledge of the human body, wide range of specialized professional training and a passion to always improve. At Revival we work as a team, utilizing our strengths to create an immersive and effective rehab experience.

Who Do We Help?

You do not need to be a professional athlete to want more from your therapy. We help frustrated individuals not only take control of their pain but provide them with the tools and education to achieve long-term success with their health and wellness goals. We deliver unique and individualized assessments, treatments and rehabilitation programs tailored to YOU.

Our therapists specialize in getting you back to the activities you love by using the best evidence-based methods and up-to-date research to guide you through every step of your recovery.


We Are Dedicated to The Development and Empowerment of Our Clients Health

Revival Lives By The 4 C's





Revival Airdrie Team



Ally is a Certified Athletic Therapist who believes in being pain-free and having an active lifestyle should not be a luxury to anyone. She is passionate about bringing a positive clinic experience through genuine interactions, and strives to help people to get back to doing what they love through evidence-based treatment techniques and self-empowerment. Ally knows what her clients are looking for when they come into the clinic to seek treatment- it is not about chasing pain and being reactive to injury. Rather, it is about being able to understand, determine the root cause of the problem and deliver lasting results so you are in the driver seat of your road to recovery.  

In treatment with Ally, you will experience a combination of her honed techniques that she has studied over the years in her career surrounding muscle, fascia and the nervous system. She finds joy in working with motivated individuals who are ready to take recovery beyond just pain management, optimizing their body movement, strength and performance. No matter what your goals or cause of discomfort, Ally strives to make your time worthwhile by bringing an individualized approach of manual therapy, rehabilitation exercise, education and lifestyle together to improve overall wellness and quality of life.

When Ally is not at the clinic, you will find her working out at the gym or travelling to different countries around the world, enjoying the diversity of cultures and cuisines to fulfil her lifelong desire of an exploring wanderer. 

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Certified Athletic Therapist in Airdrie & Calgary

Fascial Stretch therapy airdrie calgary FST



Brodie works with active individuals who are struggling to keep up their activity level due to a build up of injuries over time. If you have passed the point of keeping yourself healthy on your own and you are looking for a personalized treatment approach, you will find that with Brodie. 

Brodie also loves to teach so be prepared for lots of learning and explanation until you are an expert on your own injury and rehab plan. 

Brodie works with individuals who are open to seeing the body as a whole and will likely treat more than just the site of pain, after all, everything is connected. She will help you get to the root cause of your injury to make sure your body is primed for movement and to make sure your injury does not come back in the future. 

When Brodie is not in the clinic she is likely skiing in the mountains, camping and boating in the summertime or spending time with friends and family to cater to her outgoing and bubbly personality.

Certified Athletic Therapist in Airdrie


Carly Kolesnik


Carly helps individuals who are tired of feeling they have no control of their pain. She believes you should not settle to live with restrictions, regardless of your age. 

Carly understands your injury can seem confusing and frustrating. Your busy life can not stop when you have pain. However, there is a big difference between managing to get by and having a plan on how to overcome your restrictions. She wants you to know how to help yourself.

Once you meet Carly you will know one thing for sure- she’s passionate. Her energy is contagious and drives how she motivates others to demand more for their well-being. By understanding every step in your recovery, you will have the tools for long term health.

When Carly is not in the clinic she is likely taking another course, teaching her dog a new trick or trying to convince people she is funny. Fun fact, Carly also used to play college basketball. 

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Certified Athletic Therapist in Airdrie & Calgary

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist CSCS


Rapid specialist airdrie neurofascial reset

Ally LO

Athletic Therapist

Brodie Lefaivre

Athletic Therapist