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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in working with our team and wanting more for your health. As a team we educate and enable individuals that have lost hope in the healthcare system to find long term solutions for their pain. Collectively, our team has invested years learning the latest techniques and finding solutions for individuals that have not had success with other forms of treatment.
Revival is a team that understands the frustrations that come with being in pain and not finding answers. Unfortunately, accepting pain has become so common that it often gets mistaken as normal. Our drive for empowering and educating people in pain stems from knowing what it is like to feel like you have tried everything. Revival is determined to create a positive change in healthcare while showing people that pain is not normal. At Revival we work as a team, utilizing our strengths to create an immersive and effective rehab experience.  We have successfully helped individuals not only get out of pain but have a better control of their health without the use of medications, surgeries or the need for ongoing care.
Our approach is different in that we give you the tools you need to help yourself. We want you to have an active role in your healing. After all, you know your body best, we show you what it is capable of!
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At Revival we help frustrated individuals that have lost hope in the healthcare system to not only take control of their pain but provide them with the tools and education to achieve long-term success with their health and wellness goals. Are you an individual that: 

  • wants to be more active but is currently limited by their body?
  • has tried other forms of treatment without success?
  • feels like something with their current recovery plan?
  • is recently injured and wants to have recover as quickly as possible?
  • wants to be healthier but is not sure where to start?

We are here to help!

We deliver unique and individualized assessments, treatments and rehabilitation programs tailored to YOU.

We are committed to help you achieve your goals whether you are a desk worker, weekend warrior, industrial athlete or elite level athlete. Our therapists have an extensive background in  optimizing movement, solving pain and eliminating dysfunctions of the body. Weather your pain is from an injury, repetitive strain, compensation or appeared to “come out of no where”, we are here to help!

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Revival Airdrie Team

Athletic THERAPY

Subconscious imprinting/ trauma release therapist




Ally is a Certified Athletic Therapist who believes in being pain-free and having an active lifestyle should not be a luxury to anyone. She is passionate about bringing a positive clinic experience through genuine interactions, and strives to help people to get back to doing what they love through evidence-based treatment techniques and self-empowerment. Ally knows what her clients are looking for when they come into the clinic to seek treatment- it is not about chasing pain and being reactive to injury. Rather, it is about being able to understand, determine the root cause of the problem and deliver lasting results so you are in the driver seat of your road to recovery.  

In treatment with Ally, you will experience a combination of her honed techniques that she has studied over the years in her career surrounding muscle, fascia and the nervous system. She finds joy in working with motivated individuals who are ready to take recovery beyond just pain management, optimizing their body movement, strength and performance. No matter what your goals or cause of discomfort, Ally strives to make your time worthwhile by bringing an individualized approach of manual therapy, rehabilitation exercise, education and lifestyle together to improve overall wellness and quality of life.

When Ally is not at the clinic, you will find her working out at the gym or travelling to different countries around the world, enjoying the diversity of cultures and cuisines to fulfil her lifelong desire of an exploring wanderer. 

Athletic therapist, ally lo, therapist airdrie, fascial stretch therapist

Certified Athletic Therapist in Airdrie & Calgary

Certified Nutritionist- ISSA

Certified Bioflex Laser Technician- Meditech Inc.

RAPID Therapist

Athletic therapy, athletic therapist, cata, Canadian athletic therapist association, alberta athletic therapist
Fascial Stretch therapy airdrie calgary FST



Brodie works with active individuals who are struggling to keep up their activity level due to a build up of injuries over time. If you have passed the point of keeping yourself healthy on your own and you are looking for a personalized treatment approach, you will find that with Brodie. 

Brodie also loves to teach so be prepared for lots of learning and explanation until you are an expert on your own injury and rehab plan. 

Brodie works with individuals who are open to seeing the body as a whole and will likely treat more than just the site of pain, after all, everything is connected. She will help you get to the root cause of your injury to make sure your body is primed for movement and to make sure your injury does not come back in the future. 

When Brodie is not in the clinic she is likely skiing in the mountains, camping and boating in the summertime or spending time with friends and family to cater to her outgoing and bubbly personality.

Brodie Lefaivre, athletic therapist, therapist airdrie

Certified Athletic Therapist in Airdrie

Certified Bioflex Laser Technician- Meditech Inc.

Certified Nutritionist- ISSA


Athletic therapy, athletic therapist, cata, Canadian athletic therapist association, alberta athletic therapist



Cailyn is a Certified Athletic Therapist with extensive experience working with athletes and individuals with complex chronic pain. Cailyn’s philosophy is that movement is medicine. She believes the best way to improve one’s function and pain is by building strength and confidence in movement. Cailyn encourages clients to take control of their injury and empowers them to move. She will give you the education to understand your body and the tools to manage your injury on your own.

The human body is an amazing and complex structure, but when it is not working efficiently together, it can cause pain and limit your abilities. Cailyn’s goal is to work with you to regain your function and optimize your movement. During your session, expect Cailyn to have you up and moving to assess how your body is performing. She will then provide treatment and recommend exercises that will enhance your function and regain independence.

Outside of the clinic, you can find Cailyn working with her youth athletes or spending time outside with her family and friends.

Cailyn lesson, athletic therapist, athletic therapy, exercise therapist

Certified Athletic Therapist in Airdrie

Certified Bioflex Laser Technician- Meditech Inc.


Athletic therapy, athletic therapist, cata, Canadian athletic therapist association, alberta athletic therapist

Carly Kolesnik


Carly is devoted to empowering individuals who are navigating the challenges of inflammation and autoimmune conditions. She firmly believes in the potential for everyone to reclaim control over their well-being, emphasizing that living with limitations is not a mandatory part of aging. A common problem is that people often do not know they are inflamed until they are experiencing multiple areas of concern or their previous “quick-fixes” are no longer working.

In our fast-paced world, where distractions are plentiful, Carly recognizes the complexity and frustration that symptoms of inflammation and auto-immune diseases can introduce into your life. Despite the demands of your schedule, she understands that pain shouldn’t dictate your day-to-day existence. Carly differentiates between merely coping with discomfort and possessing a strategic plan to transcend those barriers, aiming to equip you with knowledge and skills for enduring health. Many individuals come to Carly after feeling unseen or dismissed by other healthcare practitioners, seeking refuge in her empathetic approach, especially when their symptoms are hard to pinpoint and others may doubt their validity.

Her passion for enhancing well-being is evident the moment you meet her. Carly’s vibrant energy is not only infectious but also foundational to her approach in inspiring others to aspire to greater health. With Carly, you’ll learn to understand your body’s signals and discover strategies to support your journey toward long-term wellness.

Outside the clinic, Carly’s thirst for knowledge is unquenchable—whether it’s pursuing further education, teaching her dog new tricks, or engaging in a bit of humor to lighten the mood. A fun fact about Carly: she’s not only an advocate for health and fitness but she has firsthand experience navigating the journey of recovery from chronic pain and multiple injuries, stemming from a zip-line injury and her time as a college basketball player in .

This blend of professional expertise and personal commitment makes Carly a unique guide for those looking to navigate the complexities of inflammatory and autoimmune conditions, providing a pathway to improved health without compromising life’s joys.

Carly kolesnik, certified athletic therapist, manual therapist airdrie

Certified Athletic Therapist in Airdrie & Calgary

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist CSCS

Certified Nutritionist- ISSA

Certified Genetic-Based Program Designer

RAPID Specialist

Certified Bioflex Laser Technician- Meditech Inc.


Athletic therapy, athletic therapist, cata, Canadian athletic therapist association, alberta athletic therapist
Rapid specialist airdrie neurofascial reset

Jessica Murray


Jessica is a Certified Athletic Therapist who believes in a multi-faceted and client-first approach to rehabilitation. She will design a treatment program that is specific to you and aligns with your goals and lifestyle. Jessica will create a positive clinical experience that will help motivate you to be the best
version of yourself.

Jessica believes that being an expert on your own injury is the key to understanding your pain and creating awareness of your own body, so get ready for some learning during your time with her. She is determined to find the route cause(s) of injuries and pain to create long-term solutions for you. Jessica
believes that there is no limit to what you cannot do. Her confidence and passion will motivate you to adhere to your injury treatment plan and progress in your injury recovery.

Jessica wants to ensure that she is continually learning and growing as a practitioner. She is consistent in taking continuing education courses, researching, and studying to improve her knowledge and skill set.
Her passion is in manual therapy techniques, and she desires to specialize in craniosacral therapy and
regulating the nervous system.

When Jessica is not in the clinic you can find her camping, walking her dog, reading, or spending time
with her friends and family.

Jessica Murray Athletic Therapist, airdrie therapist

Certified Athletic Therapist in Airdrie & Calgary

Certified Bioflex Laser Technician- Meditech Inc.


Athletic therapy, athletic therapist, cata, Canadian athletic therapist association, alberta athletic therapist

Kendall Hoople


Kendall is a Certified Athletic Therapist who believes in a proactive approach to injury prevention, rather than a reactive one. With this approach, Kendall will not only educate you on your current injuries but also help you understand how these injuries are affecting your body as a whole.  She understands that the body is an interconnected unit and thus should be assessed as one. With her passion for exercise-based therapy and educating clients on how to live a healthy and active life, she strives to help clients achieve their optimal level of health through movement.

During your session with Kendall, you can expect a combination of biomechanical assessment, manual therapy techniques, and exercise prescription. Kendall’s goal for you after leaving a session is to help you gain a better understanding of your body and how it moves together. If you are looking for a therapist who will work with you as a teammate to combat your physical struggles, Kendall is the perfect fit. Her energy and reliability towards clients will motivate you to prioritize your health long-term. 

When Kendall is not working in the clinical setting, you can find her working on the sidelines with the Calgary Colts Junior Football Team and the North West Calgary Athletic Association. Although most of her career has been focused on working with athletes, she believes that everyone is an athlete in their everyday life. Whether your goals are to hit a personal record in the gym, or to walk your dog without pain, Kendall can help facilitate a rehabilitation plan personalized to these goals. 

During her time off from work Kendall enjoys anything to do with the outdoors. Whether that’s hiking, going on walks with family and friends, or camping, she loves spending time outside as much as possible!

Certified athletic therapist, athletic therapy near me

Certified Athletic Therapist in Airdrie & Calgary


Athletic therapy, athletic therapist, cata, Canadian athletic therapist association, alberta athletic therapist

Sharon Pratt

Empathetic | Intuitive | Hufflepuff

Dr. Sharon Pratt is passionate about eliminating pain and tension you are experiencing. Her drive to identify and address concerns will elevate your quality of life by rejuvenating vitality and balance, no matter your stage of life. She will work with you compassionately to discover the root causes of your challenges, while utilizing eastern medicine resources and lifestyle recommendations.
Each treatment experience will be a customized and unique combination of acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, cupping, massage (tuina), aromatherapy and tuning forks. Multiple areas of your body will be given utmost attention with Dr. Sharon’s unique intuitive touch, providing optimal comfort as you are never left alone. She prides herself on being thorough while addressing the root of your concerns.
Dr. Sharon finds freedom in movement through different genres of dance, yoga and hiking. Her never ending desire to learn (yes, total nerd!) has led her to a fascination with the cycle syncing method – feel free to ask her about it!
TCMD airdrie, Acupuncture airdrie

Doctor of Chinese Medicine - CCTCMA Registered Acupuncturist - CAA Certified Holistic Nutritionist - Alive Academy Sport Medicine Acupuncture - pelvis and low back, neck and rotator cuff


William Bienz

Caring | Goofy | Pizza Enthusiast

Bill is Registered Massage Therapist with a diverse background and skillset. His primary focus is therapeutic treatment for pain relief and restoration of biomechanical health, believing it is an essential component of physical, mental, and emotional health. He believes in a team approach to wellness, working with and recommending other disciplines as needed. His ultimate goal is to help get you in a better place and keep you there, long-term.

Part of achieving your rehab goals is understanding the root cause of your injury, the factors that have caused it, and how to prevent it going forward. Bill enjoys educating clients in all these areas and will make sure you understand your current and future needs.
Everyone coming to therapeutic treatment has their own needs. Some people are in severe pain. Some people might have anxiety. A person’s needs must be recognized and respected for any real progress to occur. Bill is experienced working with various needs and conditions, ranging from general pain and dysfunction to severe injury.  
When Bill isn’t in the clinic, he enjoys time with his wife and daughters. He enjoys gardening, writing, cooking, and general nerd-culture.
Wiliam, RMT armdrie, massage therapist Airdrie

Registered Massage Therapist in Airdrie & Calgary



Leah is a Certified Trauma Release Practitioner (SIT Practitioner) who focuses on identifying embedded traumas in your body and releasing them, to deliver lasting results on a physical, emotional and mental level.
She specializes in the discovery of your truest self through the release of outdated mental programs so you can live life to the fullest. She is passionate about expanding her knowledge of neuroscience and continuing to grow her skillset, always on the search for tools that will enhance quality of life. Leah knows that when her clients come to her, they are looking for help to identify the buried triggers that have prevented traditional therapies from healing them completely.
In sessions with Leah, you will experience a combination of her unique skill set surrounding improved mental health, the nervous system and brain development, that she has acquired over many years in her career. She finds joy in working with individuals who are committed to taking their recovery beyond just pain management and are ready to optimize their body movements and brain performance. No matter what your goals or source of discomfort, Leah will work with you to improve overall wellness and quality of life.
When Leah is not in sessions, you will find her cooking a yummy meal for her family, skiing in the Rocky Mountains, or on a houseboat floating in the Kootenays. She will likely have three books within arms reach and excitedly sharing the fascinating tools and facts within them to anyone who will listen.


Trauma Release Therapist

Subconscious Imprinting Technique

Andreea Tantu

Andreea brings a multi faceted work experience and knowledge to Revival. Her experience extends from cancer research in a laboratory setting to nutraceutical drug design and development to admin patient care in a medical clinic setting.

She has a Masters of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Calgary and is very passionate about health and wellness that extends from body to mind. 

Her health motto is the Latin phrase “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano” meaning a healthy mind in a healthy body. 

Andreea is very friendly and happy to help people. Her top priority at Revival is excellent client care and seeing happy people pleased with the overall Revival experience. 

If you have any questions regarding clinic services and procedures, fees, appointment availability and how the Revival team can help you achieve your health goals and pain management, feel free to contact her. 

When she is away from the clinic, Andreea is a very busy momma to her identical twin boys. She enjoys spending quality time with her husband Samuel, her family and friends. 

Her hobbies extend to reading as many books as she can, cooking healthy and delicious meals for her family and spending time in nature. 

andreea Tantu, airdrie alberta

Clinic Experience Specialist (CES)

Colleen Green

Coming from Edmonton, Colleen joined us in September and brings many years of admin experience to the Revival Team. Her former position as Office Manager in a wellness clinic has given her a wealth of experience to add to our community. Having worked in administrative and management positions across several industries, she focuses on creating effective systems to help the office run smoothly.  While committed to efficiency and integrity, she makes every effort to support our clients in their wellness needs to help reach their goals.
Colleen has been married to the same amazing guy for over 40 years, and is crazy about their four amazing adult kids. Her true passion is her family, and keeping up with her precious grandkids. Although challenging across the miles, whenever they can all be in the same place at the same time – that is her most happy, grateful place!
Revival Airdrie, Pain clinic near me, chronic pain treatment

Clinic Experience Specialist (CES)

Linda Chan

Linda is happy to assist you as our receptionist. She is looking forward to helping clients in their journey to achieve and maintain their wellness goals. Prior to taking on this role, she is a commercial real estate law clerk for a national law firm. She graduated from SAIT earning a legal assistant diploma.

Outside of work she loves keeping active with a weekly competitive game of co-ed ball hockey. She is also a yearly avid cruise ship goer exploring new destinations.

Revival Airdrie, pain clinic airdrie

Administrative Assistant

Maggie Green

Maggie is excited to serve the Revival team as we support our customers on their wellness journey.

Over the last decade, she’s worked with organisations in Kenya, America, and Germany, and now she’s happy to be working with Revival, which is much closer to her family — especially her niece and nephew! In her free time, Maggie loves to read, write, film, cook, and dance. She’s looking forward to meeting you!

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Administrative Assistant