Your Eyes Could Help You Understand Your Health

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Iridology is the study of the iris of the eye. It is often done by naturopathic practitioners. They will take pictures of the eyes, close up of the iris, to see the different colours, lines and identifying markers in the iris.


Iridology seeks to understand the predispositions that a person has in their health through their eyes. This does not mean that the eyes will tell what will necessarily happen to the body or what a person will definitely experience. Rather, the eyes show what there is a tendency for in the body. Examples would be anxiety, trouble digesting sugars, high levels of acid in the body.


The study begins with the colour of the iris itself. In the study of iridology, there are 3 types of eye colour. These are blue or lymphatic, brown or hematogenic or hazel which is biliary. All other eye colours are based on these three basic colours. Those with blue or lymphatic eyes are more prone to their body being over acid. They can be predisposed to asthma, allergies, eczema, digestive and kidney issues, arthritis and psoriasis – all conditions related to being over acid. Brown or hematogenic eyes have issues related to blood and the liver. Conditions focus on stomach digestion issues, heart and circulation issues, varicose veins – all problems related to being a little more alkaline and the endocrine system. Those with hazel or biliary eyes are predisposed to poor digestion and can focus on digestion, liver, gallbladder and pancreas issues.


In iridology, the iris of the eyes are a gateway to what is going on in the body. Certainly some of these issues might be noticed just because you have that colour of eyes, but with excellent nutrition, activity and lifestyle choices, they might never be an issue that can be noticed. 


In today’s society we tend to have more negative vices than positive, so it is more than likely that most people will notice that they have some of the predisposed issues dictated by their eye colour. 


 If you do notice issues, eating more healthy, getting more active, making better lifestyle choices can decrease or eliminate the effect they have on your body. Iridology simply provides the information that you can use to help with your health and the choices you make. It is something you can help to make yourself healthier.








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