Stress Management and Healing Techniques: Revival Airdrie’s Comprehensive Approach


September is a busy month for a lot of people.  For parents, it’s the start of the new school year, packed lunches, homework and running around for all the after-school activities that the kids are pursuing. Even without kids in school, it’s a longer commute with all the school buses and extra vehicles on the road at certain times and also the start of fall, a season in which the body can feel drained of energy from all the summer activities. 

When schedules get busy, it is important to take a moment to recharge ourselves and find some peace amid the chaos. Amidst the hustle, finding moments of peace and self-care is crucial.

Revival Airdrie specializes in techniques to combat stress and promote nervous system regulation. Our therapists specialize in manual techniques that help your nervous system better manage stress and optimize healing. Some techniques include craniosacral therapy, neuromeningeal therapy, and therapeutic massage. Our team also utilizes PEMF and Bioflex Cold laser therapy which puts Revival at the forefront of stress management, healing optimization and cellular energetics.


Manual Techniques for Healthier Living

Our therapists are trained in a multitude of techniques that calm the body and nervous system including but not limited to the following:

Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

Craniosacral therapy involves the gentle manipulation of the skull and spine to improve the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, which nourishes the brain and spinal cord. This therapy can help reduce headaches, dizziness, and other symptoms associated with stress. Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a gentle approach to releasing soft tissue while mobilizing restricted bones all in conjunction with the craniosacral system that can become impinged during a concussion.

By definition, the craniosacral system comprises the membranes and the cerebrospinal fluid that protect the brain and spinal cord.  It has been noted that changes in the cerebrospinal fluid cause rhythmic motions of the skull. The Concussion Alliance has suggested that craniosacral therapy can be effective at treating headaches as well as neck and back pain from concussions. From a therapy standpoint, the gentle manipulation of CST can restore plate, suture and membrane mobility in the skull and restore balance to the cerebrospinal fluid.

Neuromeningeal Therapy

Neuromeningeal therapy helps facilitate nerve movement in relation to the fascia, organs and bones. It examines the mechanical relationships between the cranium/spine hard frame to the dura and neural elements. Neuromeningeal therapy is a gentle hands-on technique that releases any nerve impingements while also seeing how these impingements affect the rest of the body and nervous system. It is designed to help improve overall nervous connections throughout the body by creating extra neural mobility. In terms of concussions, because of the acceleration and deceleration of the brain inside the skull during the trauma, nerves can become impinged in various places and neuromeningeal therapy becomes a treatment modality to alleviate that.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy in Airdrie

Massage Therapy is an important component of injury rehabilitation, helping to relieve pain, reduce swelling, improve flexibility and improve your overall health. At Revival Airdrie, our massage therapist is highly trained in a variety of techniques, including Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Therapeutic Massage, cupping, Fascia Release and Sports Massage. These techniques can help to improve circulation, relieve muscle tension, and promote relaxation, allowing you to achieve faster and more complete recovery, ultimately contributing to overall well-being.

Technology for Optimized Healing

Technology can augment manual therapy and together, they can both work synergistically to produce healing from the inside out. One of these technologies is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy.


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a non-invasive and drug-free treatment modality that utilizes electromagnetic fields to support the body’s natural healing processes at the cellular level. This innovative technology has been extensively researched and proven to be highly effective in reducing pain, promoting tissue regeneration, and enhancing overall well-being.

Imagine your cells are like a battery. Loss of cellular electrical charge is the beginning of pain, fatigue, inflammation and loss of performance – followed by the onset of illness and injury. PEMF energy helps mitigate, slow and reverse this decline. PEMF technology works by sending low-level frequency throughout the body to recharge cells, expedite recovery, and calm the central nervous system. PEMF helps cells heal themselves and helps mediate stress by promoting relaxation and calming the nervous system.

Supplements for Stress

Lastly, the addition of supplements can help manage stress and can help calm the nervous system.


Cortisol Calm

Cortisol Calm by Pure Encapsulation is an all-encompassing formula that helps relieve mental fatigue and get restful sleep during intense periods of stress by providing a synergistic combination of ashwagandha, Rhodiola rosea, L-theanine and magnolia bark extract. Ashwagandha helps with memory enhancement and acts as a sleep aid (3) while L-Theanine is an amino acid found in Green Tea that promotes relaxation and decreases cortisol levels in the body (2). Rhodiola Rosea serves as an adaptogen that relieves moderate fatigue under stressful conditions and supports short-term memory and concentration. Rhodiola has been shown to increase the activity of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine (1).


L-Theanine by Pure Encapsulation contains Suntheanine, a bioavailable form of the amino acid, L-Theanine which works by regulating neurotransmitter activity in the brain. In a clinical trial (2), L-Theanine has been found to enhance alpha brain wave patterns, which indicate relaxation in the subjects tested. Furthermore, it did so rapidly without causing drowsiness. Also, L-Theanine has been reported to moderate the effects of caffeine on the central nervous system, allowing you to enjoy the morning cup of coffee, guilt-free.

Kids Immune Health

One of the biggest stressors that parents face when kids go back to school is the inevitable sickness that will most likely follow, making it hard for parents to juggle busy work and life schedules. There is research that shows that incorporating a quality probiotic in a child’s life can help decrease upper respiratory tract infections and research shows that there is a strong link between gut bacteria and the immune system and the healthier our gut flora is, the more efficient the immune system will respond when viruses and bacteria come attacking our bodies (4).

HMF Fit for School

HMF Fit for School is part of the same excellent HMF probiotic family of products that Genestra offers. It is a probiotic containing the same four beneficial human strain-derived bacteria that are part of the other HMF probiotics but dosed for kids over 6 years old with an extra immune boost addition of Vitamin C and D. 

In general, Lactobacillus Acidophilus helps with diarrhea from antibiotics, IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) and can boost immunity. Bifidobacterium bifidum works to prevent recurring IBS symptoms as well as helping to prevent infections in the airways and reduce common colds. Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis  has been shown to help with infant colic and constipation issues. 

Research shows that the gut is greatly responsible for our overall health and well being so maintaining a healthy gut should be a priority for everyone and the younger we start incorporating this, the better we will as adults.

Vita Kids Immune

Vita Kids Immune is tailored for kids older than 6 and comes in a great-tasting natural grape-flavored liquid. It contains Elderberry and Blueberry extracts which are both great antioxidants that protect cells from oxidative and free radical cellular damage.

Beta carotene is a precursor to Vitamin A, which is involved in the production of immune cells whereas Zinc is an essential trace element that is also involved in immune cell development so any supplements incorporating Zinc help maintain a robust immune response.

At Revival, Airdrie’s Injury and Pain Clinic, we recognize the complexity of everyday life and how much stress can feel like you are carrying the whole world on your shoulders. Our multidisciplinary approach, combining Athletic Therapy, Massage Therapy, PEMF therapy and the use of evidence-based supplements, can provide comprehensive relief and improve your quality of life even during these busy times.


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