Visceral Manipulation uses hands-on manipulation to find and treat restrictive patterns and unhealthy compensations in the viscera (organs) that cause pain and dysfunction throughout your body. The body is an intricate and connected system, and each part cannot be treated separately from the whole. Just as a stiff joint causes physical impairment, your organs are impacted when they don’t have a healthy range of motion.
The goal is to recreate, harmonize, and enhance the proprioceptive communication in the body in order to enhance the internal mechanisms for optimal health. By addressing the body as a whole, visceral manipulation aims to alleviate all the symptoms of dysfunction and pain at the root of the cause.

Visceral Manipulation can address many conditions. Some of the most common are: • Acid Reflux
• Diastasis Recti • IBS/Chronic Bloating • Hiatal hernia • Constipation • Diarrhea • Painful bowel movements