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We created this plan to give you the simplicity and clarity you are searching for when it comes to rehabbing an injury or working through aches and pains. We want you to perform at your best whether that means being there or your kids, getting that personal best in the weightroom or being safe and capable in your physical job. Browse our programs and take advantage of all of the resources we have set up for you. Regardless of which plan you choose we want to welcome you to the Revival Community! 



$29 ( Save $30)

Per month

Keeping It Simple

The internet can be overwhelming and full of contradicting information. That is why we have created this membership program as a collective of resources and information that has been made simple and easy. Our team has cut through all of the noise and brought you only the nitty gritty. Information you can trust, straight from our team of healthcare professionals to YOU.

Exclusive Offers

Within our membership program you will receive discounts on appointments, products, courses and guides as well as discounts with our affiliate brands! These perks are exclusive to our membership program and will help save you money.. Need we say more?

Clarity At Your Fingertips

Our Exercise Database was created as a quick and easy tool to browse hundreds of rehab, strengthening, stretching and mobilization exercises. Our database consists of video clips of your therapists walking you through exercises for the entire body. You can instantly clarify exercises you have been given at an appointment or discover new exercises to try on your own!

Be a Part of Something Bigger

By becoming a Revival Member you are joining a community of like minded individuals with common goals and interests. This community can be there for you as a support system, as motivators and to share in the ups and downs of your injury recovery.

Frequently asked questions

You will create a login and password that will be used to access all content for your membership. You will receive an email with your account information and how to access everything

When you decide you want to upgrade your account you can email us at We will update your access and prorate your first month.

We offer family plan pricing. In order for each member to take advance of the exclusive offers each member will need a seperate account.

Like with all services and products we offer, we want to make sure the membership is something that helps you. Whether it is exclusive savings and discounts or access to our community support group we want you to feel motivated to recovery. That means we are open to feedback and actually encourage it! Let us know at

Our membership is delivered through external software if you have technical issues  Contact Us

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