Are You Wondering if You Have a Concussion ?

Concussions are often complicated and sometimes difficult to diagnose since they do NOT typically show on imaging and scans. Concussions can also be scary, however, research has shown patients have a high chance of full recovery when concussion treatment is started within 7-14 days. The important thing to know is you are not alone.  Here are some questions to ask yourself to help determine the potential that you have sustained a concussion.

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The above symptoms are just a few of the red flags that could indicate you have sustained a concussion but is in no way an exhaustive list. Having all or none of these symptoms cannot rule out or rule in a concussion, but they are a good start until you are able to see a professional. Specific visual tests, neck strength and range of motion testing along with specific testing for your situation is necessary to be completed in order to come to a conclusive diagnosis.

We suggest easing your fears by coming into the clinic for an in person assessment or taking advantage of our Virtual Athletic Therapy services to get one of our health care professionals to assess and give the best recommendation for your next step. 

Do you believe you have a concussion or perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed and you are unsure what to do next?

 Book a discovery call to speak with one of our experts or book an appointment to get a full assessment completed to ease your worry. When it comes to concussions it is much better to be safe than sorry.

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