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Our Services Lead To Pain-Free Living

We offer a total body, hands on approach tailored to help you become the best version of yourself.

We Are Different Than Therapy You Have Had Before

Identify The Cause of Pain & Limitation

Undivided Attention from Your Therapist

Create a Plan With Your Therapist

In-depth Explanation of How to Help Yourself

Learn How to Remove Reliance On Therapy

Evidence-based Techniques

Short list of Conditions Treated

Joint Pain

muscles arm pain shoulder pain

Nerve Pain

Motor Vehicle Accident




You will receive undivided attention from your therapist during the entire treatment session. The time and dedicated care to you is what we take pride in, giving you the treatment you deserve.    


Your knowledge and understanding of your own body is just as important as the therapist’s education. You will be leaving each session gaining more knowledge about your body and health because we believe recovery is in your hands, and we are here to provide you with the best resources. In addition, our therapists are constantly enhancing their skills and knowledge via continuing education courses. Together, knowledge is power.  


Your injuries and pain are not the same as everyone else’s. Our innovative, outside of the box thinking looks at the human body as a whole with its intricacies and connectedness, so treating the root cause of the problem may not be where your pain presents. Recovery is not chasing pain. 


Our goal is not to create a dependency on our treatment and services. We strive to get you better and send you on your way with a head full of knowledge and understanding so you can be self-sufficient in your rehab. We will always be there as a support system for you but we want to give you back control of your life.



At Revival, we provide extensive therapy services to all individuals regardless of age and activity level. Our expert team of Athletic Therapists have years of experience treating sport or non sport related injuries, chronic pains, concussions, motor vehicle accidents and work related injuries. We are equipped with the best, up-to-date knowledge in the industry to guide you through your recovery every step of the way.